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I'm excited to tell you that I'm running for the Washoe County Commission, District 1, in the 2024 election. After talking to many of you, I've decided to come out of retirement and help our community again.

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Why I'm Running

Your ideas and needs are really important for our area. I know we need to be more open about what's happening in our local government and find solutions that work for all of us. In 2024, I want to make sure we listen to everyone's concerns, no matter how big or small.

I dream of a place where older people feel valued and where everyone thinks their opinions matter for our future. Your stories and love for our district make me want to work hard to make our area a great example of good leadership and togetherness.

If you trust me, I'll work hard to make our commission work well together for everyone's benefit. I promise to be there for you, to answer your questions, and to be honest. I want our government to listen and to act fairly and openly.

I believe in being careful with our money and not making you pay more taxes than needed. We can find smart ways to solve our problems while making sure we use our money to improve our lives here.

Your support means everything. As we start this path towards a better and more open government, I ask for your vote. Let's make Washoe County a place that shines because of its good leadership and community spirit.

Ready to serve again, 

Marsha Berkbigler
(775) 843-0150
Let's make 2024 a great year for Washoe County!


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Stand up for honesty, accountability, and the promise of a better tomorrow. Stand up for Proven Leadership Integrity.

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