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Marsha Berkbigler, with her 8 years on the county commission, vast business experience and role as a community leader, has significantly contributed to the positive growth of Washoe County. Serving eight years on the County Commission, Marsha has effectively applied her business expertise to public service, ensuring the efficient management of resources and fostering economic development in the region.

Her tenure as a County Commissioner is marked by her commitment to tackling key community issues such as healthcare accessibility, affordable housing, and the integrity of the electoral process. Understanding the critical need for accessible healthcare, Marsha has been a vocal advocate for policies and programs that enhance healthcare services and make them more affordable for all residents, focusing on the needs of the most vulnerable populations.

Marsha's efforts in the realm of affordable housing have been crucial in addressing the housing crisis in Washoe County. Her initiatives have aimed at providing sustainable housing solutions that are both affordable and conducive to the long-term stability and prosperity of the community.

Moreover, her dedication to upholding democratic principles is evident in her commitment to ensuring free and fair elections. Recognizing that the essence of democracy lies in the trust and confidence of its citizens in the electoral system, Marsha has been a strong proponent of transparent and fair electoral processes.


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